Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mohegan Sun Strippers: No Room, too big or too small for our strippers

I'm at Mohegan Sun tonight, techinically its the 4th of July, but we're considering this still Tuesday, July 3rd. Anyway, while the strippers are doing their private dances, it gave me an opportunity to write on my blog (to continue our dominance on certain keywords). We're here tonight with 6 guys in one of the modest rooms at Mohegan Sun. They were concerned about there not being enough room to be able to have strippers entertain. I told these dudes "we've been in every room at that casino, with way more dudes, and these are party strippers, we can dance anywhere". For your concern, there's no room at Mohegan Sun.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You're Busted! (Strippers as Sexy Cops for Birthday Parties)

I used a cliched title for an article about a cliched ideal ... stripper dressed as a police officer. Ideally, the stripper dressed up as law enforcement, arrives at the party looking for the guest of honor, places them under arrest, and then begins to strip naked! I just got off the phone with a lady in West Haven, Connecticut who wanted the ideal for her boyfriend's upcoming surprise party. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday night, Connecticut Striptease Connecticut Strippers returned to another familiar venue, West River Hall, 37 Orlando Street, West Haven, Connecticut (formerly the Pietro Micca Club). This place has always allowed strippers for entertainment at bachelor parties, but since they've remodeled (and it was a shithole), they only allow to bring the girls downstairs to a smaller area, but there's still plenty of room to probably hold just about 60-80 people.

Customer review: "The girls were great. Thanks. We've got a few guys here getting married in August."

I asked several guests in attendance if they would be willing to give us a customer testimonial for our you tube page and got turned down. Hahaha, we'll get another one ... 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Live from New Haven: Stripper Review from two of our Customers

It seems we've been everywhere with our strippers in Connecticut twice, but I don't recall ever doing a party before at the Waucoma Yacht Club, 279 Front St, New Haven, CT. Our bouncer extraordinaire, Action, says he remembers doing several shows there so I'll add this one to our list of recommended halls for where to bring strippers for bachelor parties. We were there again this weekend with familiar faces from a previous show and two attendees from the bachelor party let us know what they thought about the girls, the show, and the service.

Further proof that for your bachelor party in Connecticut, trust no other than Connecticut Striptease to deliver the hottest, wildest, and sexiest party strippers for your event.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Late night availability with our Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Strippers

If you're planning to have a party in the hotels at the Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun casinos, I usually recommend that you cap your evening of fun and debauchery with your Foxwoods Strippers or Mohegan Sun Strippers. This time of year, we get so many reservations for our Foxwoods StrippersMohegan Sun Strippers,  that we schedule parties to begin every odd hour, beginning at 7pm. Our most popular time slot is the 9pm offering; however, guys at that time tend to have more fun with our strippers than they realize, but unfortunately made plans, i.e. to go to Shrine or  Ultra 88, so they have to end their show to make their other commitments. That's why I think it's best to make the entertainment the very last thing you do ... do all your dining, gambling, partying and then get ready for the strippers.

For your convenience, on the weekend evenings, Connecticut Striptease has strippers available at the hotels of Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun as late as 3am. Once you're done with prior plans and made your way back to the hotel room, our hottest, wildest, and sexiest Foxwoods Strippers & Mohegan Sun Strippers will be there to entertain your guests. Our late night availability is especially for those who've been to Atlantic City, visiting the Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun casinos, and can't believe that the nightlife in Connecticut ends at 2am; the time they're just starting to party. Also, our strippers late night availability makes it easy to accommodate any last minute planning.

For your Foxwoods Strippers & Mohegan Sun Strippers, trust Connecticut Striptease (203) 981-2056

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mohegan Sun Strippers from Connecticut Striptease 203-981-2056

If you're looking for strippers for your party at Mohegan Sun, then look no further than Connecticut Striptease. For close to a decade, we've been sending our Mohegan Sun strippers to entertain at the Mohegan Sun hotel (and the hotels in the surrounding area). Despite that popular pesky web article that says you'll have difficulty getting strippers, we've never had a problem with sending strippers to the hotel rooms.